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Prey (CRACKED v1.02)


The days pass, but Sally's unsure how many. She always finds herself back in the asylum, tending to the frantic, the violent, the feeble. Down the hall, the Bad Man has slipped his restraints again. Like a wolf, he shows no motive but to prowl for the weak, and it appears he's found his prey. He drags the naked body of the Rancid Son by the ankles. Blood spills from the Son's head. Sally does not know if the man is dead. Calling for help, she sprints down the hall with a syringe filled of sedatives. There are no other nurses to come to her aid. Financial restrictions have seen to that. She considers that she is running to her death this time, but there is something involuntary in her movements, as if she has become a spectator. The Bad Man lets go of the Rancid Son's ankles and turns his attention to Sally. He fails to notice Harvey Kavanagh, the plump orderly, round the corner behind him. Harvey slams The Bad Man into the floor as he's done to so many patients. Sally jabs a sedative into the Bad Man's neck. The Bad Man sags in place and with a look of bewilderment falls to the ground.

On the night of the deep purple moon,a girl who appears to be an ordinary teenager goes out for another devil hunt.While chasing her prey, she comes across a crack that leads to another world, and the adventure of her destiny begins.Explore and make your own route through a large, organically connected world!Your teammates are waiting for you in a world of riddles and terrible devils.Create your own personal fighting style with combos, dodging, guarding, parrying, and more!Help your character grow in your own way with parameter-based growth and a skill board!Figure out your opponent's unique characteristics and conquer devils and bosses!Over 170 types of items to collect, including different kinds of weapons, the forbidden Occult magic, and more.

Description: The last surviving baby pterosaur from the Jurassic Age which has chosen to assist its master when it comes to hunting preys (Complete Heracles' final quest (quest 10) in order to obtain this Pet)

1st skill: [Player level 700] Bite: Baby pterosaur flies to nearby enemies and bit them (Damage: Player level divided by 2) (SPA: 3 seconds) (Baby pterosaur bites its prey for 1.5 seconds which also causes target to be stunned for that current time) (Attacks automatically) 041b061a72


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