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Nikki has had the gift of intuition since a small child, she has used these gifts to assist in supporting healing and change in many peoples lives. 

Guiding others to connect to their own natural gifts of intuition.

Creating a calm, safe and nurturing spaces for others to really connect to their own healing, facilitating positive change in the lives of others.

Her own quest for healing at a young age with infertility and endometriosis she began her own journey with alternative therapies.

They had such an impact on her health & wellbeing she decided to begin her study into the healing arts, in the nineties.

Using her gifts of intuition and the medicine of her own life journey around health, wellbeing, trauma and grief and loss.

If we can understand, our hurts, trauma, loss or pain in life can be a catalyst for huge change and healing, that in turn we can share with others in their time of need.

Nikki is an Intuitive Mentor/Teacher having ran successful in person clinic, meditation, yoga classes, in person workshops and wellness classes, online training programs for over two decades. She is a trauma informed therapist and coach.

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Assisting others to recognise their own inner wisdom and power to consciously create the life they desire and deserve

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Self Love is not any easy concept for many, humanity is cursed with the assumption of not enoughness. 

Nikki's work is gentle and nurturing, realising the keys to healing are 

Self Awareness

Self Compassion

Self Care 

When we live by these practices, healing is more achievable and powerful life change is very attainable.

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