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The local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, EAA Chapter 491 will be hosting a hands-on aircraft maintenance experience for youngsters interested in developing mechanical and engineering skills.

mechanical santa


Wood is one of the oldest building materials used on earth. Wood as a building material; it has been evaluated in different ways according to the socio-economic, cultural and natural resource structures of the countries. In addition, wood is a building material used in the construction of places of worship such as mosques and churches according to the belief structures of the societies. Our country, which has a deep-rooted culture and history, is also rich with its places of worship, houses, architecture and use of houses. It is possible to come across some of these building examples in the black sea region. One of them is the Santa Maria church, which was built between 1869-1874 in the Merkez Kemerkaya district in Trabzon, and is a religious center where foreigners who visit the city still worship. The aim of this study is to evaluate the performance of the wooden materials of the church of Santa Maria by testing them non-destructive test methods. In this way, it was aimed to determine the current bearing properties without damaging the structural materials in a wooden structure built in our country and surviving for many years. For this purpose, the damage, defects and resistance properties of the building's bearing elements were tried to be determined with non-destructive test devices. The results obtained were compared with the values specified in the EN 338 standard. It was determined that most of the wooden elements in the structure still maintained their load-bearing properties and provide the minimum mechanical resistance properties specified in the standards. 041b061a72


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