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Oasis Montaj 6 4 VERIFIED Full Version NEW!

If successful the Verify Python step will report the verified installation with the expected Python version number and Geosoft API version. If this is the case then your installation is good and you can skip the remainder of this page. The remaining sections on this page explain the different parts of the installation process in more detail, which can be useful should you be working with a non-standard environment.

Oasis Montaj 6 4 VERIFIED Full Version

If you already have ArcGIS Pro installed, or some other version of Python 3.5 or 3.6 installed you may choose to use that installation, in which case you only need to install the Geosoft modules as explained in the next section. You should be careful adding to or changing the configuration of Python installed for other purposes (like ArcGIS) as those systems have specific needs and modifying their environment may cause problems. Geosoft has verified the Geosoft modules against the ArcGIS Pro 64-bit Python 3.5 installation, which means you can install Geosoft into ArcGIS Pro and Python scripts that run inside ArcGIS Pro can access the Geosoft API.

(a) Reduced to the pole (RTP) magnetic anomaly (MA) map; (b) the upward continuation (altitude of 8 km) map of the RTP data (ENS), (Using Geosoft Oasis Montaj 2015 v. 8.3.3 software, -support/oasis-montaj/).

The Bouguer gravity (BG) map (a) and the upward continuation map (altitude of 8 km) (b) of the BG data of ENS (Using Geosoft Oasis Montaj 2015 v. 8.3.3 software, -support/oasis-montaj/).


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