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Where To Buy Dekton

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where to buy dekton

One thing... Quartz is now available pretty much everywhere so installation is not an issue. However, Dekton is so new that it is not readily available and many fabricators do not install this material.

If you are going to design a new home in Orlando, FL or modifying the old one, Dekton countertops can be a great option. View the gallery.Now, where you can buy this latest material and how costly will it be?

Choosing us for your dekton countertop installers gives you peace of mind in knowing that your new countertops are in good hands. Dekton offers certifications to fabricators and installers that meet their strict work code of ethics and standards.

@mtpo Dekton is supposed to be one of the "strongest" countertop surfaces, but Consumer Reports in their testing as well as users of the product have noted its tendency to have poor impact resistance, that is, chipping upon impact if being hit with something sharp or cracking if being hit with something heavy. I researched a lot of countertop materials and crossed off Dekton because of those poor reviews. Neolith and porcelain fall into the same categories of being difficult to fabricate, install, and keep looking good. You might expand your search to granite, quartz, or soapstone. In Texas where I live, there is rumor of retail shops opening again in the next few weeks. Your builder needs to give you more time for these decisions given the situation.

I have Dekton in my kitchen. I applied it to a small section (buffet area between kitchen and dining) to see how it held up and if I liked it before replacing all other counters. I love it. I have had no issues for the 5 years. Beware of consumer reports as they receive paid endorsements and are biased. Now we are going to update the remaining counters. Just need to decide on where to us Rem and Keranium (island or all or mix). Good luck with your home!

You would need a full subtop and mitered edge for use of 2 cm material. The 2 cm materials including natural stone are common in the east and west coast markets of the USA but are also available elsewhere. Any fabricator should be familiar with this process of subtop with mitered edge for 2 cm installations. Neolith is tricky to fabricate, transport, and install without cracking and requires someone who is very experienced and has the right equipment for the job to be done well. Granite and other 3 cm stones are generally easier to process. 041b061a72


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