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Where To Buy Farrow Ball Paint

Until I take the plunge and test the actual Farrow and Ball paint brand, I am happy with using paint color dupes at a more affordable price. Most paint stores offer color matching where they will match the exact Farrow & Ball color.

where to buy farrow ball paint

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The red paint colors can be intimidating to use because a design can easily feel dated if the wrong shade is chosen. I may be scarred from my high school bedroom design with red walls and zebra prints everywhere.

In this attic room, the wood panelling has been painted in Farrow & Ball's 'India Yellow'. It creates a really cosy space, but should however be used in moderation in small rooms where its intensity may be overwhelming.

Therefore it's no surprise that so many of us have fallen for the F&B paint range and want in on the brand's room-enhancing abilities. Here we've rounded up the most popular Farrow & Ball paint colours; from the classic Ammonite (one of the best white paints) to the bang-on-trend Hague Blue that's everywhere right now.

A delicate duck egg shade, Dix Blue sits somewhere between blue and green. A great option for injecting any room with a dash of summery, light-hearted colour, it has a touch of black pigment that creates a slightly aged and relaxed vintage feel, making it perfect for use on upcycled furniture, panelling and woodwork - check out our guide to how to paint furniture for tips - as well as kitchen walls and cabinets. Pair it with a neutral shade, such as Pointing (opens in new tab), for an understated effect, as shown above.

I have used farrow & ball and still think it is the best. It lasts for years (15) and cleans up like new. Goes on beautifully,colours cannot be matched. I have tried other makes to save money but never get the same satisfaction from results. Sadly my addiction to it is something I have to hide from my husband. 041b061a72


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