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[S2E17] Parking Spot !NEW!

Jess gets fed up with her parking spot after she finds a neighborhood homeless man and cats sleeping on her car in the same week. Schmidt concocts a plan to get a new parking space in their building and shares it with Nick and Jess. Causing them to later battle it out for the coveted parking spot. During the competition Nick and Jess will get some alone time to discuss their relationship.

[S2E17] Parking Spot

Schmidt discovers that the apartment has a parking spot for Apartment 4D but only one person can have it. Jess suggest they share it but the others disagree. They all agree that the whoever stays the longest gets it but Winston leaves to have sex with Daisy as apparently their sex window appears rarely. Nick then drops out but Jess and Schmidt tell him that they will both have a vote and as Schmidt and Jess would vote for themselves, Nick is the decider. Meanwhile, Winston arrives at Daisy's home but has forgotten a condom so goes out to buy one but has no money so he asks if the shop keeper would give him one for free but he declines. He then asks if people in the shop would buy him one but he is forced to leave. Meanwhile Jess appears in front of Nick in his hoodie. She tells him that she is wearing an invisible shirt underneath. Nick tells her there is no need and he is being a gentlemen and giving him the spot, and Jess kisses him. Later, Schmidt makes Nick some tea and tells him thank you in advance but Nick says he is giving Jess the spot. Schmidt sees that something between them and is angry when he finds out that they kisses. Nick then says that there is a simple solution to this and he runs off the get the spot. Meanwhile, Winston goes to Cece's house while she is on a date and asks for a rubber. Cece says that he means rhubarb but Winston says shouts back that he means a condom. Winston then walks in and asks Shivrang if he has a condom. However he takes it the wrong way and thinks that Winston is asking him if he is going to sleep with Cece. Shivrang denies it but later admits he does but Winston leaves back to his house. he finally finds a condom but he cant't find Daisy as her neighborhood is very complex. Meanwhile, Nick, Schmidt and Jess run to the spot and they agree the first one to put their vehicle in the spot wins it. Nick then puts a chair in the spot claiming that it is his vehicle. Schmidt pushes him with his car but then Jess bumps into Schmidt's car. They all get out of the car and say the last on still there gets to stay. However, Nick drops his snack out of the lot and has to reach out and get them. Also Schmidt needs to pee and eventually pees himself. Schmidt then tells them about the Nails rule that if one of them does anything to Jess the other have to as well. Jess is horrified and leaves. Nick then runs after her and they discuss their relationship. Later they still haven't decided but Schmidt says to make it fair he must kiss Jess too. After kissing her, both Nick and Jess admit it didn't feel right. Winston then comes in angry and says he needs a win. The other decided to give him the spot but it is very tight and he can't get out. The others then leave Winston in the car as the one to his right's alarm starts to sound.

Isobel talks with Alaric outside the building. She said that she is sorry and then Maddox knocks him out with magic. When Elena accepts her reward, Isobel bites John to create distraction to allow Katherine to kidnap Elena. Stefan follows "Elena" to the parking lot, then she stabs him and throws him into the bushes.

Lily and Robin then feel the need to come clean about something, and they tell Marshall about the time they took the Fiero to get Thai food but spilled it in the passenger compartment. They carefully cleaned it up, smoked the cigars that Marshall had been saving for the passing of 200,000 miles, and wrapped two chopsticks in napkins, hoping Marshall would never discover what they did. Finally, Barney says that he doesn't understand any of their feelings for the car. Ted then tells of Barney's only memory with the Fiero, which was the time Ted taught Barney how to drive on it, and Barney was scared of driving ever again (even though he never left the parking lot or went much above 10 mph). Although all 5 of them attempt to push the car to 200,000 miles, they give up, and say goodbye to the car.

Christian and 26 other investigators were staking out the parking lot because they believed McLean was coming there to meet his ex-girlfriend. The woman had been in protective police custody since implicating McLean in one D.C. attack and was cooperating with investigators. McLean had called her and asked to meet in the parking lot. She did not go.

The high school is a two-story square building, with a logo and an American flag above its main entrance and "GRAVITY FALLS HIGH SCHOOL" written along the top edge of its facade. It is primarily made out of red bricks with gray trim while its entrance has light-colored columns and a black trim and roof. It has multiple large windows on all sides of the building. There is a marquee board for announcements out front and a parking lot off to the left side.[1]

On 12 August 2015, Guude uploaded a video titled "My New Parking Lot" in which he accused Harnett County of trespassing and causing damage to his property by parking heavy equipment illegally.[2] The video was posted to /r/videos on Reddit where it went somewhat viral, receiving 4939 upvotes and 826 comments.[44] The following day, Guude said on Twitter that the situation had been resolved.[45] WGHP picked up the story, reporting that the equipment belonged to the North Carolina Department of Transportation.[46] Guude later shared his perspective of events in further detail during a Mindcrack Server episode, explaining that he didn't make the video searching for widespread attention or social justice; he just "wanted to bitch about it." He concluded by saying that "it doesn't seem like anything too crazy happened as a result; no one lost their job or got hurt."[47]

The Miami Grand Prix is coming up, and Prix drivers are in town. On the downtown streets, a 17 year old prostitute named Florence Italy (real name Abigail Cook) is picked up by an unidentified driver in a white unmarked Porsche 906 Carrera in front of a croissant shop (where the owner, Beatrice chased Florence and another hooker in drag earlier), later Crockett and Tubbs spot him racing through town. Crockett pursues but is unable to keep up with the high-performance racing car. The driver manages to evade the Vice cops long enough to dump Florence's body on the street before driving away.

Crockett wakes up Tommy, his mechanic, to see if she knows anything about the Porsche and she said the one they are looking for belongs to Danny Tepper, a race car driver in town for the Grand Prix, they take him in for questioning, Danny said he hasn't driven the Porsche for a week, didn't know the car was stolen - his wife Katie is overdue to deliver their first baby, and he was driving in his truck picking up parts for his car. His alibi of being with his racing friends doesn't appear to stand up, as he was not with his friends during the time of the killing. Danny's father, Frank, comes by OCB to see his son, talks about how he'll stand behind Danny no matter what, and tells Danny his sponsor will pay his bond to get out and race. Castillo agrees to cut Danny some slack if he takes Crockett and Tubbs (as Burnett and Cooper) to a Grand Prix driver cocktail party to check out the field for any additional suspects. Tommy is there too and is upset a "racer chaser", Becky Sklar, is hanging on to the drivers and "setting women's rights back 150 years". Danny introduces them to Marty Worthington as potential car sponsors, but are interrupted by a Tepper father-son challenge to race motorcycles from the top of a parking garage to the bottom. Frank wins the race, but Danny gets the better prize, the birth of his son. Crockett and Tubbs cannot find any other car owners/sponsors that could be tied into the murder, and Gina and Trudy cannot find anyone who witnessed Florence get into the Porsche. Castillo wants Crockett and Tubbs to check out the drivers. Danny and Katie talk about his dilemma and she stands behind him, then someone delivered a gift to the hospital, which was a burned up toy race car. 041b061a72


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