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[S4E14] Long Shot 2021

It was strange to learn that her mother, a therapist, slept with a patient. Lucy's not far off in assuming that maybe her mother treated her the way she did because she's a physical reminder of the mistake she made. It's the long, hidden secret, and knowing the truth could mean there's more damage between the two.

[S4E14] Long Shot

RANDYOh, yes, I background-check all of my friends. John Nolan, 46, born Foxburg, Pennsylvania, to Evelyn and Charles. Abandoned by his papa, age 10. Ex-wife Sarah, son Henry, half-brother Peter -- oh, quite a character, that one. The background I ran on him was so long, my printer ran entirely out of ink.

Tyreese, Carol, and sisters Lizzie and Mika continue their journey to Terminus along the railroad tracks, while caring for Rick's young daughter Judith. Carol and Tyreese are concerned for the survival of the sisters, as Mika is too gentle and Lizzie appears to not understand what walkers are. They spot a walker get trapped by his legs on the train tracks, and Lizzie pleads with Tyreese to spare it, as it no longer represents a threat. Nearby, they find an abandoned home in a pecan grove, Carol suggesting they may want to rest there a few days. While Tyreese and Carol clear the house of walkers, a walker approaches the sisters; Mika is quick to shoot it in the head, while Lizzie looks on in tears. They secure the perimeter of the house and settle in.

Strengths for me this Week:*You and I agree on the great work that Melissa McBride is doing on TWD. She carried this episode.*The opening shot was another strong one. The artistic director continues to get and hold my attention with camera and lighting.

Lorelai's confidence crumbles when Tom confronts her and Sookie over lack of payment. If they don't even have enough money to pay the contractor, I'm not sure why they're buying horses and fancy French sinks. Did Lorelai think that she could just charm Tom into forgetting they owe him massive amounts of money? He agrees to carry on for a while longer while she and Sookie scrape together some cash. Since Jackson and the elder Gilmores are out of the question, Luke becomes the most viable target. The thought of asking a friend for money makes my skin itch. Nothing is more horrifying and embarrassing to me, so I understand Lorelai's hesitancy.

It's interesting that Lorelai doesn't spill her guts to Jason. They're definitely still fucking (we see them in bed together earlier) and he's at the uncomfortable lunch with Gran, but we don't see them interact after the uproar. This is one sign of many that Jason and his creepy facial hair are not long for this world.

Still ever the mystery enthusiasts those two are they ask the couple what happened that night all those years ago. The say the plan was put into play the night of the big prize fight, but just before they were about to get into the car and run off Sally and her husband appeared and held them at gunpoint. After, some struggling for the gun Sally ends up killing her husband and then accidently herself, so with two dead bodies on their hands the pair places the bodies inside the care alighting it a flame staging their own murder. The elderly couple asks if they are going to be arrested but Beckett says no, because as far as she is concerned Joey and Vera died that night in 1947. Back at the station clearing up the case, Beckett surprises Castle with the Blue Necklace which she found only to have told him that the necklace is actually a fake. She says that the real one was swapped out long before it was ever given to Vera. In the end the episode closes to Joey and Vera setting the car on fire and giving each other a big kiss before the two runaway into the night to start their happy everafter.

The LAFD Sniper of Los Angeles had made national news, outraged at the unprovoked attacks on members of the LAFD had drawn a lot of media attention. The last thing Steven and Amelia Nash expected to hear after a normal family dinner was that their estranged son had been shot by said sniper. The worst of it? They don't even know if their son is still alive.

Former army medic Eddie Diaz is in shock and looks like he will hurl, faint, or cry. As he watches with an open mouth. Blood splattered all over him, coating his uniform. A deep dark red on the dark blue. There's blood on his face as well, not unlike Buck had been. Buck wonders if Eddie can taste it, the way Buck had. Sometimes he still tastes it as he wakes up from a nightmare, or if they watch a movie and someone gets shot. He can taste it now.

SUMMARY:After recovering from being shot, Eddie finds that the only way he can have sex with his girlfriend is to lie back and think of England. Only, 'England' in this scenario is very explicitly Buck-shaped.

No matter how long his immortal life would last, the image of Eddie Diaz being shot would haunt him forever. Or, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Buck has conversations with two sets of friends-turned-immortal family (or immortal family adjacent) in an attempt to keep the panic at bay. Day 8 (late) of Febuwhump 2023

Or the one in which Buck and Eddie have known each other for years without knowing they're a Pair... until Eddie gets shot and their shields collapse.Yule day 6: HecatePart of the Bound Together Universe

On the fifth anniversary of the shooting death of 15-year-old Skill Jones in North Philly, Miller, who was the first person on the scene, notices another victim's box next to Skill's: 13-year-old Madison Reed had been shot and killed at the exact same minute on the exact same day in Chestnut Hill. Seeing a possible connection, the squad reopens both cases. Meanwhile, Vera pays a heavy price when his long working hours interfere with his relationship with Toni.

Present Rush, Valens, Jeffries and Vera walk along a Philadelphia sidewalk. Jeffries says Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Thomas called him. Vera says she's hot and Scotty replies "if you like that type." Vera is also the number one laughing stock after he mentions Toni Halstead and bringing her to the ballet. Miller meanwhile is at storage. Rush visits her to see what's up.

The two talk about the murders of Skill and Madison. This day is the fifth anniversary of their deaths; they were both shot outside their school on the same day at 8:03 am. Are they connected, the detectives wonder? But Skill went to a public school in a poor neighborhood while Madison went to a tony private school.

They talk to Lt. John Stillman about the cases. Madison was shot with a .357 and was last seen with Michael. They are both curious about the murders being linked. Miller decides to visit Toomey Nelson, a crackhead and former informant from those days. There with Vera, Nelson flashes off a necklace called the "dream catcher". He says that Skill was one of the only people who gave him respect. He recalls a night where Skill and another drug dealer torture Champ, who was also a drug dealer who invaded their territory. Skill is forced to take Champ's ear off, which he does. It happens only a few weeks before Skill's murder, after New Year's Eve.

Rush and Scotty talk with Michael. Michael tells them that weeks before Madison was shot, Michael came over to her house saying his mom can't come over to book club. Madison's dad left weeks before and she's depressed about it. Madison's purse falls over and vials and needles come out. Madison tells him not to say anything which he agrees. We also see the mom, Shirley Reed. The drugs might connect her to Skill's murder.

Oh good grief, just shut up Morgan. Whoever thinks this is how people act needs to be booted from the writer's room. None of these people have any kind of real connection to one another. Nobody cares about Jim. The first time Morgan saved him he complained that it took too long. Nobody is shedding tears at this point. And it's not Morgan's fault that this guy is so incompetent. Morgan doesn't need to be a martyr/saint 24/7. Or maybe he shouldn't be the central character in the first place!

Inside, the explosion has created a jagged opening into a long, low passageway in the rock behind the vault. Ben clears the opening, then enters the passage until he reaches a ladder, which he descends. At the bottom of the ladder, Ben breaks a layer of ice revealing another old and damaged wooden ladder. While descending further, a rung breaks and he falls down, cutting his right arm and ripping his jacket on the ladder. At this point his condition appears to be identical to the condition he was in when he appeared in the Sahara Desert.

It was interesting that Scandal decided to tackle this issue only half a year since the Michael Brown shooting took place. Not only that, but there were plot elements that were very similar to the high profile Ferguson event. (Examples: the body lying on the street for too long, the white officer alleging he had to shoot because the young black boy put his life in danger)

Believing himself too high to drive, Hank attempts to walk home... passing Sugarfoot's as he does, where Peggy loudly calls him over. Heimlich County Sheriff Mumford and his men have begun investigating, noting the discovery of a shotgun (with 'Miz Liz' engraved on it) in the dumpster next to Debbie's body. Meanwhile, a Texas Ranger named Lester Payton arrives and begins a simultaneous investigation. Sheriff Mumford attempts to question Hank, who, not wishing to be found out for smoking marijuana, passes off his reluctance to talk as grief over the loss of a coworker, to Mumford's suspicion.

Here is the story: with the restaurant visible from her apartment, Debbie had seen the Stricklands arrive after calling Hank and, taking Buck's shotgun (one of his hidden assets) in a fit of jealousy, had hidden in the dumpster waiting for them. She got hungry after a while, went to a nearby convenience store to purchase some snacks, and attempted to juggle the food and the gun while climbing back inside the dumpster; in the process, she tripped the shotgun's hammer with her foot, thus setting off the shot that killed her. 041b061a72


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