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Endless Sky Remnant Missions

While the Remnant's fear of them being the last remnant of free humanity was dispelled once they learned of the Alphas' defeat, they continue to strive for secrecy, to ensure that in case anything bad happens to the rest of the human race, they will remain standing and ensure the species' survival.

endless sky remnant missions


BioWare has redesigned the way Daily and Weekly missions function. Uncompleted Daily and Weekly quests will be removed from your quest log if you have not completed them at the time of reset, which is 12:00 AM UTC. Weeklies reset at the same time on Tuesday. To compensate for this, many of the Weekly missions can now be completed several times per week.

Some changes occurred for the Dark vs Light system as well. Now you can only earn them through Conversations and Diplomacy Crew Skills missions. The Dark vs Light challenge has been completely removed from the game along with the Dark Side and Light Side Token acquisition.

New content introduced in version 0.9.12: new jobs, Remnant ships now have unique leak effects, new missions, a new extremely rare and valuable minable asteroid, new Remnant outfits, a new star/planet type with the Brown Dwarf, a new Heliarch turret with the Ion Hail Turret and more little extras to Hai space. An additional game mechanic was also added, with Solar Heat so you need to watch how close you get to system stars.

I found a storyline for myself and it's probably not new knowledge but it was with the DJ and her dad, it was kinda cool but I did not realize there are stories in endless sky. Question is how do I go about getting to more of them?

It was barely 20 years ago when scientists first learned that Pluto, far from alone at the edge of the solar system, was just one in a vast swarm of small frozen bodies in wide, wide orbit around the Sun, like a ring of debris left at the outskirts of a construction zone. That insight, among others, has propelled the New Horizons mission. Understand Pluto and how it fits in with those remnant bodies, scientists say, and you can better understand the formation and evolution of the solar system itself.

The list of questions is nearly endless. Does Pluto have an ocean of liquid water beneath its icy surface, for example, like those on the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn? Does that ocean feed geysers that spray off into space? Why does Pluto have a higher proportion of rock under the ice than Charon?

Continuing their investigation, Shiki explains the apartment was designed to collect the deaths of it residents. They're reborn when morning comes and die when night falls in an endless loop. They're reborn when morning comes and die when night falls in an endless loop. But the appearance of ghosts and Servants indicates the apartment's effects have spread to the outside world. The group then enters Room 102.[26]

Despite the tranquil and apparently unchanging beauty of a starry night, the Universe is far from being a quiet place. Stars are being born and dying in an endless cycle, and sometimes the death of a star can create a vista of unequalled beauty as material is blasted out into space to form strange structures in the sky.

The Vela supernova remnant is an expanding shell of gas that originated from the supernova explosion. Initially the shock wave was moving at millions of kilometres per hour, but as it expanded through space it ploughed through the gas between the stars, which has slowed it considerably and created strangely shaped folds of nebulosity. The Pencil Nebula is the brightest part of this huge shell.

[2] A supernova is a violent stellar explosion, resulting from the death of either a high-mass star or a white dwarf in a close double star system. The structure resulting from the explosion is called the supernova remnant. This consists of ejected material expanding at supersonic velocities into the surrounding interstellar medium. Supernovae are the main source of the heavier chemical elements in the interstellar medium, which in turn leads to the chemical enrichment of a new generation of stars and planets.

When Chancellor Palpatine issued Order 66, the 501st became the Sith Lord Darth Vader's personal unit. He led them in Operation: Knightfall, in which the clones helped take down the Jedi, believing them traitors to the Republic. Shortly after the Jedi Purge and the formation of the Galactic Empire, the Grand Army of the Republic was absorbed into Stormtrooper Corps, given new armor and new weapons. After the Kamino uprising, the 501st became the last remnant of the Grand Army of the Republic fully composed of Jango Fett clones. In the ever-growing and diversifying army, the Fett clones were becoming a minority, with the inclusion of pools of clones from different templates, while others were birth-born recruits from Imperial academies; by 0 BBY though Darth Vader was known to comb through the ranks of all stormtrooper units and transferring the very best to the 501st, a fact that angered other Imperial figures- like Mara Jade - who had to work with lesser qualified units.[22]

Ventress and her forces were soon able to break through the monastery door's controls, and the defense of the monastery cost Rex all but five troopers. The Captain and the rest of the survivors launched a last stand against the battle droids. General Kenobi and the 212th Attack Battalion eventually arrived at Teth, reinforcing the remnants of the 501st and securing the defeat of the Separatists. A treaty was established between the Republic and Jabba the Hutt,[12][5] but although the 501st was replenished with new troops, the loss of the original Torrent Company left scars on all involved. Soon after, Rex and troops of the 501st were redeployed with Skywalker and Tano aboard their recently-christened fleet of Venator-class Star Destroyers to protect Bothawui from the Confederate General Grievous, who was intent on capturing the planet. Departing from Coruscant,[24] Skywalker's forces eventually arrived at Bothawui and defeated Grievous, securing a Republic victory.[25] 501st troopers Rex and Denal[26] also helped Skywalker and Tano in destroying the Separatist listening post Skytop Station.[27]

In the final years of the war, the 501st was frequently shuttled across the galaxy, often divided into specialized groups to assist other missions that would prove vital to the Republic's eventual victory. The Legion had went through some significant changes during the final year of the war. Sometime during this period, overall command of the Legion was given to Sergeant Appo, who had been promoted to Commander and led the 501st through the final battles of the Clone Wars.

A short time after the execution of Order 66, Palpatine would announce that he was reorganizing the Republic into the Galactic Empire, which he would rule as emperor. Now serving the Empire, the members of the 501st took the designation stormtrooper, as well as new armor, weapons, and ships. They would continue to serve directly under Vader, and in the years to come, would fight in a number of pivotal battles.[1] The legion was often deployed in places where its advanced fighting skills could be used to make a political statement. Most of its missions were classified, so as to hide what it was doing from the Imperial Senate.[46] In the years following Order 66, the 501st would fight on a number of mop-up missions against either remnants of the Confederacy or the few Jedi that had managed to survive Order 66.[1][4] To assist in the hunt for Jedi survivors, clone deserters, and varied Imperial dissidents, Vader brought together the ARC troopers and clone commandos who had formerly served in the Republic's Special Operations Brigade and formed a new special forces unit that was attached to the 501st Legion. Known as the Imperial Commando Special Unit, the Imperial 501st's veteran commandos were responsible for the death of Jedi Master Iri Camas on Celen and for killing the Jedi Knight Borik Yelgo aboard the Coth Fuuras space station.[47]

With the opposition crushed and the capital secured, the 501st Legion's mission was a success and Naboo quickly fell back into line. It was the first time that the 501st was ordered to forcibly adjust a planet's government; similar missions would follow over the years.[1]

Their track record for successful missions, combined with a fearsome reputation for brutal efficiency, earned the 501st Legion the nickname "Vader's Fist," not in the least because their primary commanding officer was Darth Vader. As the Sith Lord's personal legion of stormtroopers, the 501st executed many top-priority assignments over the years since the end of the Clone Wars. Hence, the 501st essentially became responsible for aiding the Sith Lords in building their empire throughout the first decade of the New Order.[1]

On Mustafar, the 501st Legion were to be inserted to the droid factory Dellso had reactivated and used to create his own private army to use against anyone who stood against him. Having honestly grown tired of facing an enemy they had once defeated in the previous war, the Legion became fiercely determined to destroy every last remnant of the CIS.

In 0 BBY, the 501st were stationed on board the Death Star, an assignment that many of the troopers found to be dull and unbearable as they had been used to fighting on the front lines, and instead were tasked to perform either guard duty or be on patrol through the Death Star's endless corridors. Little did they know that they would soon have their first encounter with the Rebel Alliance. A group of prisoners, led by a captured Jedi Knight, rebelled and took over one of the cell blocks, having plans to download the station's schematics and then flee on one of the shuttles. While many of the higher ups found the situation to be disastrous, the 501st saw it as good opportunity to get back in the fight and were soon deployed to quell the riot.[1]

The Chiss also took the step of incorporating non-Humans into the 501st, something that would have been considered unthinkable under Palpatine.[19][60] As reformed, the most basic unit in the 501st was a squad of four troopers, capable of acting as a fire team within a larger force, but also able to serve as a self-supporting commando team on special missions. Also as a result of the Empire's collapse and Thrawn's reforms, the new 501st Legion was no longer composed by a super majority of Jango Fett's clones. As with the rest of the Stormtrooper Corps, the ranks of the 501st became dominated by enlisted troopers, Human and non-Human alike.[19]


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